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we’ve coached Elite athletes and coaches from:

-Dallas Cowboys, Los Angeles Rams, Detroit Lions, USC, UCLA, Northwestern University, CAL, Notre Dame and more.

-We work with all level athletes in all sports.

competitive edge

The mind is the muscle least worked on with athletes and yet is the most powerful for a winning performance. In competition with two talented teams or athletes, the competitive edge goes to the one with the greatest mindset. Your performance cannot be greater than the mindset you have. You improve your performance by improving your mindset.

Services Offered

  • Individual performance and mindset coaching.

  • Pre-Season Athlete Team Assessment (PSATA)- An assessment exclusively created and given by The RESET Group to analyze a team’s emotional, mental, and physical health before the season begins. The PSATA includes a one-day team training based on the results of the assessment for both coaches and athletes.

  • One-day Performance Mindset intensives for teams and coaching staff on the winning mindset and mental conditioning.

  • Pre-season and Pre-game Motivational Talks

  • Team leadership/bonding workshops

If you are wanting the competitive mindset that gives you or your team the winning edge

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