Five Tools for Performance Anxiety

The Five Tools for Performance Anxiety:

1. Choose your Posture: 

·     Shoulders back chest out and head up - Harvard (Lobster Research) and Princeton (Superman Pose) University research has proven your posture effects how you feel and how you perform. Better posture better results. Posture can actually increase your serotonin in your brain and help you feel more confident and joyful. Starting to feeling anxious or overwhelm? Start with your posture. You have control of your body and how you stand and now you sit.

2. Be process oriented vs result oriented:

•       When you are process oriented you are less likely to over-try in the competition or at work because you are always focused on the next step and not looking at the result, score or stats. 

•       Over-trying has caused more good competitors to lose competitions than any other form of mental error. 

•       In competition your circumstances don’t matter, opponents don’t matter, it is your system/process that matters.

•       Why? Because your achievements have to be something you have control of.  

•       Once you take your mind off the score/stats and focus on the process of performing well, you are dealing with something you alone can control.

 3. Use a planned and practiced self-talk strategy:

•       You need to invest and take time in creating a style of thinking that shapes the behavior you desire.

•       Quiet your inner bully

•       Remove “Can’t, Won’t, and Don’t” from your self-talkbecause they are not interpreted by the brain and are the enemies of motivating.

•       Use Mantra- “It is like me to _________”

 4. Concentrate on your breathing:

•       Concentrate on your breathing. In through your nose out throw pierce lips. 

•       Maximize oxygen levels by having rhythmic breathing.

•       Tell yourself “Breath in confidence; breath out anxiety. Let’s go.”

•       Side note: If you catch yourself becoming a bit nervous and need a quick tool to get you calmed down try yawning. FAKE a YAWN. The same chemicals that cause your muscles to relax when you yawn naturally also seem to work just the same when you fake a yawn

 5. Journal your performance self:

•       Champions journal daily their goals, their picture, their emotions, their mindset and their progress.

•       Here is why you MUST record your progress in a Mindset Journal:

•       First, you cannot manage what you do not measure.

•       You cannot afford to ignore the process of your progress. 

•       You need to have a plan to reach your goals. (plan vs dream)

•       Leadership and communication are intentional to develop ownership and responsibility

•       Winning is not an accident. 

•       If you don’t write it out then you will act it out.

•       Either you reach your goals or you stop journaling daily.

•       Avoid emotional burnout, peaking, or plateauing by journaling daily.